1.  How can I find out more about life coaching and if it is right for me?
If you are curious about life coaching, an inquiry call allows you to discuss your concerns and ask questions, so I can discover what is disquieting your heart. We will discuss how coaching might help, and then you decide if coaching is right for you. The Inquiry call is free and lasts about 30 minutes.

        2.  What happens after the inquiry call?
If you decide coaching could help you, then I recommend signing up for 6 sessions to begin.

        3.  How long does a coaching engagement last?
The client determines the length of a coaching engagement. For example, a client may start with a goal of developing a more positive relationship with her mother-in-law. If progress is made, she might shift to another area where she would like to move forward, i.e. a betrayal, career change, loss. 

        4.  What happens in a coaching session?
I listen to your goal for that coaching session at the start of the session. Then the discussion leads to exploration of the situation which spawned the goal. The session ends with you verbalizing the take-aways, and, if applicable, setting up action steps before the next meeting.

        5.  How is coaching different from counseling?
Counseling is more past-oriented, while coaching is client-centered and future-oriented. 

        6.  What if I have concerns?
The coaching relationship needs to be a relationship where concerns are openly discussed and resolved if possible. The client can end the relationship at any time if it is not meeting the client’s needs.

        7.  How can coaching help me?
Most people have areas they would like to work on, but life gets in the way. We get stuck or feel like we have no choices in life situations. A coach is on your side, without judgment, and collaborates with you to help you make forward motion, become unstuck and take action.
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