I have a heart for women who are hurting, confused and experiencing the pain of betrayal and difficult relationships. Having experienced these dynamics personally and professionally, I seek to empower and educate women toward awareness and truth.  

I am a registered nurse with a Masters in Health Administration who served in executive and consultant work in healthcare while navigating the challenges of my blended family. I am blessed with two gorgeous grandchildren.  

Married for 40 hectic years, I know from experience as a nurse, mom, and wife that we are both beautiful and broken---at times so soul crushed that we find it difficult to gather the fragments and find fulfillment.  

If the twists and turns of life have worn you down and you know in your heart there must be something more; if you find yourself searching for healing and wholeness; you have come to the right place.

A free inquiry call could be your first step toward self-empowerment.  It is your time to reclaim YOU and find the peace to confidently move forward.  I eagerly anticipate joining you in finding the path God has for you, enabling you to flourish once more.
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